A tale of three Rolfs

I’m currently back in Baja after a weekend trip to Los Angeles, where I had the rare opportunity to hang out with two other guys named Rolf. The weekend was initiated by filmmaker Rolf Gibbs, who read Vagabonding and decided to take a year (maybe more) off and travel India. I never knew Rolf G. until he met my friend Alyse, who told Rolf G. that she knew a travel writer named Rolf P. Rolf G. told her that was an amazing coincidence, since he’d been reading Rolf P’s travel book that morning (he had, in fact, originally noticed the book in the travel section because it was authored by a Rolf). So Rolf G. invited me up for his bon voyage party in LA’s Koreatown this past weekend, where I met Rolf G’s friend Rolfe Kent, who composes film scores for movies like About Schmidt and Legally Blonde. It was a great night, but very confusing since three of us turned around every time someone said “Rolf” (though they were usually calling for Rolf G, since it was his party).

At one point I made the observation that if I ever wrote a screenplay, Rolf G could direct it and Rolfe K could score it, thus making it one of the most Rolf-centric films ever made. If you are an actor, producer, cinematographer, editor, grip or gaffer and your name is Rolf, we’ll be sure to find a slot for you!

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