A poem about bugs

It’s been nearly two months since I’ve posted any writings by my four year-old nephew Cedar, and it would appear that his fans are getting restless. In a recent comment to Cedar’s last article, a reader declares:

“You are being far too skimpy with the wisdom from this wise sage… when is the next installment? Impatiently waiting… Tell The Great Cedar that we, his followers, await futher teachings. All hail Cedar!”

That said, I humbly share a new poem from the man himself:


by Cedar David Van Tassel

Buggy buggies
Come to me
For I’ll find a home for you.

It will not be cold
It will not be hot
It will be moist.

It will be not too hot
and not too cold.
For I will be nice to bugs.

We don’t mind bugs here.
There’s no vegetables we don’t grow.
We already have food to sell.

We cannot be angry for bugs.

Good bye bugs.
I’ll see you later.

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One Response to “A poem about bugs”

  1. Matt Says:

    Does the kid have an agent yet?