A new Narcissus Gallery


Since I frequently travel alone, I’ve gotten into the habit of capturing certain moments on the road by literally turning my camera on myself. The arm’s length self-portraits that result are usually kind of interesting, and — several years ago — when I rehauled RolfPotts.com, I posted a number of these self-photos into a tongue-in-cheek collection I called the Narcissus Gallery. Over the years, a number of readers have written in asking when I would update the Narcissus Gallery, and I always told them that I’d do it when I had a moment.

Well, finally I had to chance to sort through some old photos, and I’m posting my findings into a New Narcissus Gallery below. Pictures are posted in no particular order, though you’ll notice that I don’t have any shots from 2002-2004, when I was in the habit of traveling without a camera. Each hyperlink below pops up into a new picture window.

Posted by | Comments (11)  | March 23, 2006
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11 Responses to “A new Narcissus Gallery”

  1. Annette in Alaska Says:

    Love your sense of humor. And the glasses aren’t that bad!

  2. Terah Says:


    Hilarious! Just what I needed to start my morning. I just returned from a month in Laos, where I took self-portraits as well. Unlike you, no one will NEVER see them, but one did make it on my website.

    Thanks for the laugh,


  3. Brian Says:


    Loved the pics, and yes those are the dreaded birth control glasses. The Navy’s were a little thicker in the arms, but that’s it. Anyway, I read the Laos article, and I wondered, was that the trip where you caught cholera?

  4. Colin M. Says:

    Scruffy Rolf! ha! Hope you are capturing some new narcissistic (misspelled?) pics with that camera we bought in NYC. I think that story about indian porno is one of the funniest things you ever told me.


  5. Lauren Says:

    These are great, a good way to illustrate your perspective on where you’ve been for those who weren’t there… I have some from the tour de France.. and they are equally as goofy. Hah, no, I love these. P.S. Vagabonding is the best book I’ve read on travel, period.

  6. Tianne Says:

    Sister of a former Miss Stark and a new fan- you open the eyes of a mainland hostage to what lies beyond, thanks!

  7. Zoe Says:

    Narcissus Gallery, what a witty name for a space full of candid, nice pics!

    And, obviously, you haven’t seen the worst birth-control glasses yet. I’m planning on donating them to Busan Museum of Modern Art, Korea, before I pass away, something like the collection items at MoMA in NY, USA. ha ha!

    Thanks many & best wishes!

  8. SuperGirl Says:

    Awesome shots. Love your stories too, and by the way…those glasses just make you look like a nerd, and nerds are HOT!!

  9. angelica Says:

    Usually I don’t like to take pictures of myself traveling. But you give me un unusual perspective in doing it: autoirony.

  10. Ann Blacke Says:

    Interesting idea but I’m not sure it would work