A Kiwi family– on the road with eight kids

One of our favorite Kiwi families has hit the road! Eight children, two parents, and one grandpa are almost a month into their round-the-world trip, scheduled to last for several years.

We first met them in May 2007 when they were preparing for their journey. After a couple of updates during the past year and a half, they are on the road!

From assembling a massive first aid kit to dealing with paperwork galore, the Kiwi family had plenty of preparations to make, but it has finally paid off: they are currently in Southeast Asia, enjoying the daily rituals of life, celebrating birthdays, eating chicken heads, and surviving car troubles; no day is typical on the road.

Their humorous writing style and plethora of photos lead to a good read for all travel-hungry souls. In one blog entry, they ponder the origin of their intestinal ailment,

What could we have eaten? I wonder!!!! Was it one of the at-least-twice-a-day curries or the treeful of rambutans or perhaps the Mee Rojak, which we have on good authority (and I quote) “Some meerojaks (cousin to small, stripey, weasly African animal what stands on its hind legs looking cute in telecommunication ads) burn a hole in yer bum, so beware of indulging prior to train trip.

The family plans to travel around until March, then head for Mongolia and continue onward with their journey, eventually ending up in Europe. They are keeping their options open with their itinerary and looking into a variety of possibilities.

To see where the family is and what they’re up to, check their Pilgrims’ Progress blog.

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