Vagabonding Field Report: Giant Kite Festival – Sumpango, Guatemala


Cost/day: $40/day

What’s the strangest thing you’ve seen lately?

GIGANTIC kites made from tissue paper, tape and bamboo. Incredible and beautiful!

Describe a typical day:

Awoke this morning at The Homestead, ready for our trip to explore Guatemala before heading south to El Salvador. First stop? The … Read more »

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Christmas magic in Germany

Christmas in Germany 3

One of the many great things about Europe is the magnificent way it celebrates the Christmas season. Throughout the continent, a spirit of festivity can be felt in the wintertime air. The traditions of the season are still strong in this thoroughly modern part of the world, where bustling Christmas markets fill … Read more »

An international driving test: Can you pass?

Bus, Laos

We’re taking this family adventure to the next level this winter. It’s the whole reason we’re making a pass back through North America, to tell the truth. We have two teenagers who need to procure driving licenses before we launch them into the world as fully viable adults. The easiest place for our bi-national kids to … Read more »

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5 Ways to Embrace Holiday Traditions While Traveling Abroad

Holidays for me have always been about tradition, but I decided this year that I wanted to experience the holidays abroad, so my family and I are spending a few months in Monte Verde, Costa Rica. I thought it would be magical to be in the mountains for Christmas and celebrate the holidays Tico-style. But I’ll admit I was a little sad when I realized that we would would be skipping nearly all of our … Read more »

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Getting Vagabonding or Marco Polo as stocking-stuffers


It’s once again winter holiday season, which means it’s time to tout my books as stocking stuffers for the travel lovers on your Christmas list.

Vagabonding makes a great holiday gift for:

College or high school students nearing graduation. Twenty- and thirtysomethings who don’t like their jobs, are currently between jobs, or are considering a sabbatical from work. Friends and family members who don’t … Read more »

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3 Intangible gifts to give a traveler

The holiday season is upon us and on every side we’re being encouraged to buy stuff and to give because the holidays are about giving. But what do you do if someone on your gift list is a traveler and, like me, lives out of his backpack. There’s no sense in giving a bathrobe to a backpacker, and that $99 Soda Stream in the Black Friday flier is useless to someone who’s intentionally homeless.  So … Read more »

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The quest for the authentic Other is one of vanishing horizons

“Now the quest for the authentic Other is one of vanishing horizons. One genuine “backstage” is penetrated, only to reveal another fake front-stage: the act of observation changes that which is observed. Hence travelers do not (indeed cannot) succeed in their quest any more than tourists. That is only too clear from the accounts of the great Victorian travelers which are riddled with gross misconceptions. If they were not so serious, as with their concern … Read more »

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