The best motivation for travel is not escape, but to meet life head-on

“Travel — especially by people who rarely do it — is often dismissed as a luxury and an indulgence, not a practical or useful way to spend one’s time. People complain, “I wish I could afford to go away.” Even when I did the math and showed that I often spent less money while on the road than staying home, they looked at me with skepticism. Reasons for not traveling are as varied as complex … Read more »

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Wicked World releases issue 2

WickedWorld2_Cover-455I take this week’s chance to announce the release of the second issue of Wicked Worlda digital magazine project that dares to be different. Unrestricted by commercial considerations, it remains free to challenge, question, and tell the truth about the business of international travel. We’re not here to sell expensive … Read more »

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How was your trip?

Where to?

If you’ve been traveling for any length of time then you’ve been asked the same questions a million times:

Where are you from? Where are you going? Where have you been? What’s your favourite place so far? Which place has the best food? Isn’t it dangerous?

The questions get tiresome sometimes, but … Read more »

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Everything science gives us immediately becomes normative

“Everything science gives us immediately becomes normative. To an eighty-year-old man, a computer is this amazing device that creates instantaneous access to limitless information. He can’t get his head around it. But to a twenty-year-old man, the computer is a limited machine that costs too much and always needs to be faster. Because human live finite lives, all technological advances immediately feel banal to whatever generation inherits their benefits. Any advance can be appreciated only … Read more »

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