Pilgrimage has always mixed obligation with novelty and adventure

“In medieval times, when life was so narrowly circumscribed, religious pilgrimage was pretty much the only excuse a claustrophobic peasant had to leave his or her stupid little village, so a pilgrimage was an exercise in novelty and adventure under the banner of obligation; now, so many of us feel so surfeited with choice, the idea of pilgrimage has gained appeal as an exercise in obligation under the banner of novelty and adventure. The whole … Read more »

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Central Asia film event in Toronto

I know it’s pretty last minute, but so is life, at times 🙂

If you are in or around Toronto this weekend, you may be interested in checking out Sonchy’s Silk Road Adventure Central Asian Film Event.

Michael Soncina is trying to get some attention on a very adventurous part of the world to travel by organizing this festival. His aim is “to showcase the Central Asian region to a wide audience … Read more »

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A serious question: Why do you travel?


I have a serious question this week. It centers around our motivations for travel. I’ve been asking this question a lot lately and am really intently listening for answers.

Why do you travel? 

No really, not the surface, “I need a break, I wanna see something different,” answers.

WHY do you travel?

What does … Read more »

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The first and best instruments are the traveler’s own eyes

“[Percy] Fawcett was taught not just how to survey but how to see — to record and classify everything around him, in what the Greeks called an autopsis. There were two principal manuals to help him. One was Art of Travel, written by Francis Galton for a general audience. The other was Hints to Travellers, which had been edited by Galton and served as the Society’s unofficial bible. The 1893 edition stated, “It is a … Read more »

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When you’re out of loot in London

Let’s face it: It’s summer and you’re broke. If you’ve somehow managed to make it to Europe and have some money for food and shelter, you might not have cash for much else. Trust me, I’ve been there. Everyone knows activities in places like London, for example, is pricey. But it’s important to know that there are several fun and interesting things to see and do that are completely free.

With that in mind, this … Read more »

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Vagabonding field report: Finding the best-kept secrets in Busan, South Korea

Korea 7.1-7.12.13 386

Cost/day: $50

What’s the strangest thing you’ve seen lately? After haggling over a hat with a friendly saleswoman, I stumbled upon an alley where old women sat in plastic chairs, clutching their purses and negotiating currency exchange with passing foreigners.

Black market? Perhaps, but I don’t think even the police could rouse these women from their territory. They seemed … Read more »

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Midnight at the oasis: A snapshot from Douz, Tunisia

oasisWhoever idealized the serene night scene of Berber tents surrounding an oasis, fires flickering, a reflection of the stars above, the quiet hum of insects and maybe a bedouin bathing by moonlight had obviously NOT actually spent a night at an oasis; especially on a festival night.

If there is one thing that an oasis night is not, under … Read more »

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The travel writer does not merely purvey information

“The travel writer does not merely purvey information; that is for the Karl Baedekers, the sober compilers of guidebooks. His role is to be the tourist’s perfect companion: to be articulate, well informed, a skilled raconteur; to include in what he tells a fair share of the unusual with a dash of the exotic; to tell it all with infinite zest. It was Herodotus who set not only the pattern, but the standard.” –Lionel Casson, … Read more »

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