Damn the Couchsurfing etiquette

As I have been warmly received by many Couchsurfers in many countries during my past overland trip from Asia to Europe, I decided to re-list myself as “maybe available” on the website. I do not want to start arguing how the site has turned corporate and blah blah blah – and how its alternative, BeWelcome, really looks like it is taking off very slowly -, but I would like to share a few … Read more »

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Looking for new field reporters!

The Vagabonding Field Reports series has been going strong! We’ve seen dispatches from all over the world! Such places as Guyana, Tokyo, Sydney, St. Vincent, Croatia, Dubai, Cape Town, Guatemala, Thailand, and New Orleans. Columbia, Champagne, Peru, Ireland, La Paz, Bosnia, and the Galapagos. And with some stunning photographs to boot! The series is even better than we hoped it would be.

Whether it’s traveling with children, starting off on … Read more »

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Vagabonding South Sulawesi, Indonesia

If you’re vagabonding in SEA and trying to get off the beaten track the Indonesian island of Sulawesi is a great place to do just that, especially during the low season of Dec. – Feb. There is a reasonably reliable network of bus service around the island but the roads are terrible and the rate of bus … Read more »

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Singapore and Southeast Asia cities top list of best-connected cities for Wi-Fi in budget accommodation

Are you looking for a place to plug in to the Internet and get work done while traveling? Singapore is the No. 1 city for budget travelers looking for Wi-Fi in accommodation, so says a study by Hostelbookers. The next cities following were Ho Chi Minh City, Bangkok, Siem Reap and Seoul.

If you work over the Internet, the … Read more »

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There’s a market for “personal transformation” in travel writing

“There are definitive stories about nearly every place on Earth now. And with so many other ways to get information — if you want to know about Albania, for example, you can now much more easily ask the Albanians — the point of travel writing has fallen out. There’s an increased pressure on travel writers to create a personal arc of, yes, transformation. Sure, you went to Iceland, but did you go there because of … Read more »

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A moving museum experience in memphis

Having recently been in Memphis over Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday weekend, I realized once again that few things make you feel connected to history like being near a historic landmark on a significant anniversary. In this case, it’s the thought-provoking National Civil Rights Museum on the birthday of the great icon of the movement.

Ironically, the site is located not at the place of his birth but the place of his assassination. The façade … Read more »

Travel writing is still a tough business

I think it is never too late or too biased to try spending a few words on the travel writing subject, as this still constitutes an activity that many vagabonds fancy to help substantiate their living on the run.

Since I started writing for Vagabonding one year ago, I have more and more delved into the world of the written word; luckily, with very hard work I have made some progresses in terms of getting … Read more »

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Making your dream happen

I’m sure you’ve heard the excuses. I know I’ve heard more of ‘em than I ever thought existed.

I don’t have time I don’t have money I have responsibilities I would love to, but…

In the end there are a million reasons not to live your dream, but all you really need are a small handful of reasons to do it. It all comes down to priorities.

If you are happy with your life at … Read more »

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