Travel budget after a long time on the road

I have been on the road for nine months straight as I write, and I have slowly noticed how I changed my budget habits overtime. Initially, I had a big plan, quite a small budget, and an indicative daily expense limit that would make most people laugh – or faint. I was mostly successful in keeping expenses  between 5 and 10 $ a day by travelling in a very cheap region – the … Read more »

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Do you pick up accents while traveling?

My mother tongue is American English. According to my Swedish friend, I speak her native language with a Russian accent. In my own country I’ve been asked where in Australia I’m from. And when I met a guy on the road–who grew up less than an hour from me–I marveled at his strong accent. Why don’t I have the same one?

  Language mimicking is common, and often times unintentional. Apparently several years ago Read more »

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Considerations for the Long Term Traveler

Long term travel is a very rewarding experience and one you will never regret. Sure, you’ll come back home a bit poorer financially – but you’ll be far richer for having had the experiences you did. Your life will never be the same and your outlook will be forever changed.

You're stronger than you think you areBut what do … Read more »

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Long-distance footpaths

Recently I’ve been reading, “Wild” by Cheryl Strayed. When the author was in her mid-twenties she solo hiked the Pacific Crest Trail. Her book unfolds as she treks north, nursing her blistered feet and cumbersome heavy pack along a majority of the 2,663mi (4,286km) trail. It initially begins at the Mexican border, passes through California, Oregon, and Washington in the USA and over the border into Canada. Several years ago I’d … Read more »

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What kids learn from travel

I often talk about how much my sons have learned from our travels, but it’s hard to actually explain what they’ve learned.

Yes, they learned all the “school stuff” – reading, writing, math, science, social studies. But more importantly, they learned valuable life lessons that will get them through life.

They learned that life isn’t necessarily a bowl of cherries. There are some days that are rainy…

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Vagblogging Field Report: scuba diving in the Bay Islands and Cayos Cochinos, Honduras

Cost: $50-60 a day

What’s the strangest thing you’ve seen recently?

Immediately after learning to scuba dive in Utila, I hopped on over to nearby Cayos Cochinos (Hog Islands). Some of the small islands and cayes that make up Cayos Cochinos resemble one of those ‘paradise island’ posters that bored office workers paste on their cubicle walls to remind them of the next holiday they’re working towards. You know the ones. Chalk white sand at … Read more »

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