Useful websites to help prepare your Indian vagabonding

Being at the end of a four months stint across most of Northern India, I feel obliged to share a bit of technical tips to make your trip in this kaleidoscopic country a bit less daunting, and much more rewarding.

As the biggest problem in India is the human number, the crowds and the mess, I want to introduce a few websites … Read more »

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Advice for women: “that time of the month”

Warning for men: if talk about female cycles makes you uncomfortable or queasy I’d suggest you skip this post!


Ladies, we can’t all live in the remaining hunter-gatherer cultures where ones menstrual cycle is a sacred celebration. Nor are we still band from our own households for three days like the old laws in Nepal. And frankly I doubt if I strip naked to walk through a field, anyone would still believe that I … Read more »

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Living the Dream

A 500-mile hike. Sound like a dream? Or a nightmare?

Or maybe you think you would love to do it, but can’t? Think again.

If I’ve learned anything from riding a bike from Alaska to Argentina, it’s that I can do most things. The impossible might take a bit longer, but I can do it. It’s all about deciding I want to.

And now I’ve decided I want to tackle another challenge – a 500-hike … Read more »

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Using computer translation: does it work?

The language barrier can be a challenge when vagabonding. At the time, it can seem frustrating. Usually, it’s funny in retrospect when you talk about it with friends. Technology is evolving fast, however. Smart people around the world are working feverishly to break down the walls separating us from communicating with each other. Voice and text recognition is improving at a rapid pace. Hopefully, a real-life electronic Read more »

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Jennifer Egan on what is lost when we lose solitude

“When I finally did have enough money, I got a backpack and went to Europe and bought a Eurail pass. I was eighteen. I would recommend that to anybody. Although it would be different now because no one is really ever cut off from anybody anymore. To do that then was really to be severed from your ties. To make a phone call I had to wait in line at a phone place and it … Read more »

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Vagablogging Field Report: root canals and remains in Buenos Aires

Cat in Recoleta cemeteryCost/day: £25 (this has increased since my last post because my lease ran out and I moved to an AirBnB apartment).

What’s the strangest thing you’ve seen lately? Yesterday, my boyfriend Steve and I went to Recoleta cemetery, which was one of the most elaborate monuments to the dead we have ever seen. It’s a maze … Read more »

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A grandmother and a bullfighter

Eola is a 67-year old grandmother who I met while trekking the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal. Conchi Rios is a 20-year old female matador that I didn’t meet, at least not in person. I watched her from a distance of 50 feet or so as she fought two frothing-at-the-mouth bulls in the famous Las Ventas bullfighting ring in Madrid.  Eola doesn’t know Conchi, and Conchi doesn’t know Eola.

But both women—who I met within the … Read more »

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Work-Stays: Making a buck abroad

As most travelers probably know, there’s more than one way to get yourself a great adventure far from home. Last week I wrote a bit about teaching ESL in a foreign country. This week, a bit about another great way to make a buck abroad: work-stays.

Lots of establishments—ranging from host farms (organic and non-organic), lodges, B&Bs, … Read more »

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