The Joy of the Layover

I’m writing this from Rome’s Fiumicino airport, where over the course of my two-hour layover, I sampled Italian-style pizza, bought a bag of biscotti, and ate a cannoli (or, to be correct, a single cannolo). True, it was an airport cannolo, which means that it was probably not the best cannolo on earth. And I’m sure it … Read more »

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What’s it like to couchsurf across America?

When you think of places you’ve visited, do you remember the sights–or the people?  In this article, it was the latter that made the lasting impression: I couch-surfed across America.

The vivid and quirky cast of Couchsurfing hosts the writer encounters provide enough fodder for its own TV sitcom. An excerpt:

Bill, our host in Duluth, described himself in his profile as a Zamboni operator and freelance detective. In … Read more »

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Vagabonding as a rock musician: a step by step guide. Post #2: how to get serious

This article is the second in a series of posts explaining how to bring your music on the road and get to travel with it. (Read the series’ introduction and Post#1)

In my last article I was stressing on the necessity to improve your bands’ live performance by playing … Read more »

For the love of moleskine notebooks

More than likely you’ve heard of the legendary Moleskine notebooks that were revered by artists, writers and travelers alike. Originally they were covered in a woven cotton fabric which was sheared, making it soft on one side. Bruce Chatwin describes this ‘Paris’ notebook in The Song Lines, “The pages were squared and the end-papers held in place with an elastic band. I had numbered them in series. … Read more »

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The ultimate motivation to travel

When I was contemplating finally quitting my job and following my dream to travel, there was one thought I always came back to that eventually convinced me to go for it: The fact that when I’m 90, I will want to look back and know that I’ve seen as much of this world as possible, and that I’ve given back to this world as much as possible. As morbid as it might sound, I thought … Read more »

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Street food: Love it or leave it, but at least try it!

Indian hawker stalls in Singapore, hot dog vendors in Manhattan, roasted duck head carts in China. Over 2.5 billion people eat street food everyday, and in addition to providing cheap food for urban dwellers, the art of eating street food has also become a traveler’s rite of passage. One of the best ways to get to know a new place is through its food, and one of the best places to eat it? On the … Read more »

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The time is always right to travel with kids

The time is always right to travel with kids, despite what some people would have you think.

Barbara Adam, who is currently traveling the world with her husband and toddler, recently wrote an article for the Huffington Post about that very thing. Many would have us believe that children don’t take anything away from travel and it would be better to leave them behind if … Read more »

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Running and travel

For those who strive to maintain fitness while traveling, running is one of the more accessible forms of exercise.  All you need is a good pair of running shoes, a nice stretch of trail/road/shoreline and the will to pound some proverbial pavement and you’ve got the potential for a great workout.   And let’s be honest, after those long nights of partying and the accompanying feasts (ahem, binges), we can all use a good workout.  More … Read more »

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Tobias Wolff on the understated intimacy of road trips

“I spent a lot of time in cars when I was a kid, and you know, there’s something about cars— you’re going somewhere, you’re occupied, which can make people very unguarded in their conversations. I hitchhiked across the country a couple of times when I was a kid, and I used to have the most intimate conversations with strangers. It’s partly because you’re also a stranger and they know you’re going to be getting out. … Read more »

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Travel protection: safety whistles, Swiss Army knives, and pepper spray

When I first started traveling, a friend bought me a cheap three-dollar safety whistle from REI.  “For your protection,” she said. For years afterwards, I dutifully took it on trips, even though I never quite figured out how it would come in handy. But I knew that if I threw it away, I’d end up in a situation where that little safety whistle would mean the difference between life and death. And so that whistle … Read more »

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