It’s a dog eat dog world in Southeast Asia

Media has been abuzz lately about the infamous dealings of dog trafficking. It’s not the purebred puppy mill business they’re describing, but the smuggling of dogs for dinner in Southeast Asia’s Mekong Delta. Street dogs, purebreds and even stolen pets with collars on are making their way via small wire cages to restaurants and dinner tables around the region. The business is thriving, and people are beginning to notice.

Canine cuisine in Vietnam, Korea … Read more »

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Vagabonding with kids? Are you serious?

“You can’t go vagabonding with kids! Just a two week vacation with the little ones is hard enough.”

If you’re a parent, you’ve probably heard these words. You may have even said them.

Conventional wisdom seems to say that doing anything with kids is hard work. Going to the grocery store, sending a package from the post office. It’s a miracle if we survive driving fifty miles to Grandma’s house, let alone climbing on to … Read more »

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Locations as lovers

Locations as Lovers - Chris Carruth Travel PhotographyLocations are like lovers;  sometimes we’re in the mood for the type of grand romance that only Paris and the Champs-Élysées can provide whereas other times it’s the exotic promise of Tahiti or the gritty resolve and urban brilliance of Istanbul that attracts us.  The neon tawdriness of the Las Vegas strip is a … Read more »

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Welcome our new crop of vagabonding contributors

After over 2 years and almost 70 Vagabonding Case Studies, we’ve profiled many different types of long term travelers. Single people, couples, and families. Men and women, first-timers and seasoned veterans, young and old.

Two things have become very clear;

Anyone can do this. There are pros and cons to long term travel, and one does need to carefully plan, but it is a valid life choice, and there are … Read more »

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Start a business, save the world, and look good

Revolution Apparel intro video

Sometimes it can feel like you’re torn in different directions.  You’d like to start a business, make an positive impact on the world, and more.  Is it possible to fold all your passions into one project?  The fine women travelers of {r}evolution apparel are aiming to do just that.

An excerpt from their website:

We headed to Central America with no direction, … Read more »

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William Dalrymple on the future of travel writing

“The question remains: does travel writing have a future? The tales of Marco Polo, or the explorations of “Bokhara Burnes” may have contained valuable empirical information impossible to harvest elsewhere, but is there really any point to the genre in the age of the internet, when you can instantly gather reliable knowledge about anywhere in the globe? Certainly, the sort of attitudes to “abroad” that characterized the writers of the 1930s, and which had a … Read more »

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Carl Hoffman on finding “authentic” travel experiences

“Authenticity was a buzzword in travel, but what exactly did it mean? At its purest form you could make the argument that the only really authentic places were ones that had never seen contact with the outside world at all. There were still a few of those left — in the Amazon, perhaps in Indonesian New Guinea. But they were hardly representative; they were freakish vestiges of a changed world, and authenticity was simply everywhere; … Read more »

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Cook like MacGyver in a hotel room

Video: Vlogger Natalie Tran on how to cook in a hotel room

I’ve mentioned vlogger Natalie Tran in a previous post.  In the video above, she shows you uses everyday hotel items as cooking utensils.  Definitely not as the manufacturers intended.

From seeing that, it’s understandable why some backpackers rate hostels with kitchens more highly.  If you’re in an expensive city or country, cooking on your … Read more »

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Freya Stark on the pleasures of solitude

“Solitude, I reflected, is the one deep necessity of the human spirit to which adequate recognition is never given in our codes. It is looked upon as a discipline or penance, but hardly ever as the indispensable, pleasant ingredient it is to ordinary life, and from this want of recognition come half of our domestic troubles. The fear of an unbroken tête-à-tête for the rest of his life should, you would think, prevent any man … Read more »

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