Travel and book choice

When I’m choosing what book to take along on a trip, the destination always dictates what I’m inspired to read. The Moviegoer went with me on my first trip to New Orleans. Eduardo Galeano’s Memory of Fire trilogy has accompanied me throughout a handful of trips in Latin America. The Popul Vuh was in my bag as I visited Mayan ruins in Honduras. Somehow, reading something … Read more »

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What it’s really like to be a travel writer

If you like to travel and have your own blog, you may have entertained the idea of being a travel writer. Imagine getting paid to go and do the same fun stuff you’re already doing, going all over the world.  The reality can be quite different, however.  Lonely Planet guidebook writer Leif Pettersen wrote this brutally honest post on his Killing Batteries blog: So … Read more »

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Chocolate plus cheese equals yummy

Until I visited Colombia, I thought that my favorite hot chocolate was from Mexico. The dose of cinnamon (and sometimes, chile) has caused me to squirrel away a box of Ibarra or Abuelita for those moments when I crave it.

But then, in Bogotá, I found something that was even better.

Chocolate Santafereño is, at first, a cup of rich hot chocolate. But then there’s the … Read more »

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Transfering money back home

After living and working abroad for a significant time one will have to face the annoying task of moving not only all of their belongings but also moving all of their finances. It can be a puzzle to figure out the best way to move one’s entire savings from one country to the next. Which way is ultimately the best? How can one do this without losing a depressing sum in conversion or banking fees? … Read more »

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Watching TV in faraway places can be an intimate glimpse into a culture

“There’s no point in traveling to another country if all you do when you get there is sit in your hotel room and stare at the television. At the same time, I’m a fierce proponent of sampling a smidgen of TV wherever you go. I assure you the locals are watching the tube, and it’s worth it to check out what exactly is getting beamed into their living rooms each night. Treat it as a … Read more »

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