Horseback riding in Nicaragua

If you had asked me any time in the last couple of years what word I associated with San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua—I’d have said surfing. With waves on my mind, the region was the highlight of the surf trip I was planning with my husband. Sure, I wanted to see more of the country. Right after I finished surfing.

But a recent trip to Nicaragua … Read more »

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Travel health: Korea and Yellow Dust

Every year, as spring makes its slow way across Korea, the country is set upon by the phenomenon of “yellow dust”. You might draw the curtains in the morning and find the jaundiced haze thick over the city, or leave for work in the morning to find your bike, scooter, car covered in a thin grainy layer of the stuff.

What it is exactly is a question that yields several returns. Some say … Read more »

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In the 21st-century, travel is about people

“If 19th-century travel writing was principally about place — about filling in the blanks of the map and describing remote places that few had seen — the best 21st-century travel writing is almost always about people: exploring the extraordinary diversity that still exists in the world beneath the veneer of globalization.” –William Dalrymple, from the introduction to The Best Travel Writing 2010

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New York Times “Asia issue” is out

The New York Times travel section is recently dedicated to covering the Far East: 37 Asian Odysseys. Although the media is dominated by coverage of Japan’s natural and nuclear disaster, the rest of the continent is humming along as usual.

With booming economies and traditional cultures, Asia has long had a special place in the traveler’s imagination. Tourist infrastructure is well developed, and can make for a softer landing.  Southeast Asia in particular has … Read more »

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Low fares vs. frequent-flyer perks

When you travel frequently, you become very familiar with the airline game: which days of the week are more likely to have lower fares, which airlines charge extra for checked baggage—even which airlines still give out free snacks. But when it comes down to booking your airline tickets, are low fares or airline loyalty perks more important to you?

Certainly, if money is your biggest concern, … Read more »

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Japan: Leaving a job overseas

As someone living a mere ferry ride from the coast of Japan, I’ve been hearing a lot of debate among ESL teachers as to whether they should leave the area or not. Italy has offered a free flight home to their citizens living in the area, and other countries have issued warnings to leave at one’s own discretion.

It takes a certain amount of planning and effort to find and secure a job … Read more »

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Find the balance between work and life

Nigel Marsh, the author of Fat, Forty and Fired, gave a great talk at the TED Sydney conference that addresses something many long term travelers deal with — how do you balance your life and the need to work and earn money?

As Marsh notes, “I found it quite easy to balance work and life when I wasn’t working.” That’s a sentiment almost any long term traveler can relate to. But what happens … Read more »

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