Travel health: Acupuncture

If you’re on the road in Asia it is definitely worth checking out a few of the treatments that Oriental Medicine has to offer that are perhaps too expensive to try out at home. Here in Korea I recently tried acupuncture for the first time. Acupuncture aims to release energy that is perhaps not flowing properly … Read more »

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Work in Antarctica

If you’ve always dreamed of working in Antarctica (the only continent you can’t be a native of, and yet which doesn’t officially belong any other country: a treaty made in 1961 suspends all claims of ownership, in favor of promoting valuable scientific research rather than arguing over whose flag flies where…and the penguins don’t care), now’s your chance.  The British Antarctic Survey is seeking field assistants for terms of between 6 and 18 months … Read more »

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Keep yourself open to the unexpected and the incomprehensible

“For it is not only indolence that causes human relationships to be repeated from case to case with such unspeakable monotony and boredom; it is timidity before any new, inconceivable experience, which we don’t think we can deal with. But only someone who is ready for everything, who doesn’t exclude any experience, even the most incomprehensible, will live the relationship with another person as something alive and will himself sound the depths of his own … Read more »

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Digital nomad reveals secrets of success

It’s the dream of many vagabonders: to earn money online while working remotely.  But as anyone who’s done a Google search for “make money online” knows, there are a lot of scams out there.  Finding credible, honest information can be difficult.

That’s why it was so refreshing to read about a vagabonder who gave the straight scoop: Digital nomad, Jason Batansky tells he how traveled the world.

He outlines his methods and gives good … Read more »

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Argentina’s Vendimia Festival

If you’re yearning for a weeklong wine harvest festival, pack your bags for Mendoza, Argentina. Here, in the foothills of the Andes, the first week of March is the annual Vendimia Festival, which lures wine lovers from around the world.

Held since 1936, the festival celebrates winemaking in the heart of Argentina’s wine country. The star of the show is Malbec, the premier wine from … Read more »

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Life in a Day

One film that vagabonders, or armchair vagabonders, may be interested in is the YouTube film “Life in a Day”.

The day in question is July 24th 2010, when people were asked to go out with their cameras and film some footage that encapsulated their life on that particular day. The film isn’t shot with Hollywood caliber cameras, yet it retains a surprisingly clear resolution throughout.

Over 80,000 submissions came in from 192 … Read more »

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BOOK REVIEW: The Adventurer’s Handbook

The Adventurer’s Handbook is entertainingly subtitled, “From surviving an anaconda attack to finding your way out of the desert,” which carries the implication that it’s another one of those worst-case survival manuals that reminds you to clench your butt cheeks when you dive off a cliff so water doesn’t rush into your nether regions and burst your … Read more »

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