Home-style Belizean cooking at El Fogon

One of the things I’m always searching for on my travels is a restaurant that makes the region’s traditional food so well that it’s a daily stop for locals. There are always plenty of eateries that cater to tourists, so it seems like a special discovery when I run across a place that both tourist and local rave about.

On my recent trip to the Belize … Read more »

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“The vice guide to everything”: brave new travel TV show?

Crime scene tape

Crime scene tape. Photo: Alan Cleaver / Flickr Creative Commons

The underground magazine Vice will be getting its own show on MTV. Magazine founder Shane Smith brings his trademark biting tone, irreverent take on current events, and in-your-face honesty to the small screen. Here’s an article from MTV.com with more details:

‘The Vice Guide to Everything” goes everywhere, because no one else does

True … Read more »

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When does travel become life?

After my first Christmas here in Australia (and my friend and fellow Vagablogger Colleen’s first Christmas in Korea), I started reflecting on what makes someone a longterm traveler vs an expat: when have you stopped traveling somewhere and started living there?  I know for me, what I enjoy the most about going to another place is developing the little mundane details of everyday life…finding the laundromat, being recognized in the coffeeshop, getting a library card.  … Read more »

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Travel resolutions for the new year

This time of year can be a very reflective time for some people. You may find yourself looking back and appreciating the high points, remembering the lower points, and thinking about what you can do better next year. This time of year, a lot of people are making New Year’s resolutions in hopes of incorporating new ways to … Read more »

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In defense of adventure: Some thoughts on the death of Hendri Coetzee

Hendri Coetzee

Note: Earlier this month, global adventurer Hendri Coetzee was killed by a crocodile while leading a kayaking expedition down the Ruzizi River in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Guidebook writer and no-baggage travel pioneer Jonathan Yevin was friends with Coetzee, and he sent me a heart-felt eulogy that explores Hendri’s unique … Read more »

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Popular repurposing tricks

Does a roll of duct tape always find its way into your suitcase? Are you a jury-rig master? Unless you travel in a bubble where stores are always nearby, open and have absolutely everything you need, you’ve likely had to figure out how to repurpose something.

A recent Lifehacker article highlights the website’s most popular repurposing tricks of 2010. While some are a little … Read more »

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What do backpacker novels say about travelers?

Party in Thailand

Backpackers at a party in Thailand. Photo: Jessica Rabbit / Flickr Creative Commons

Did “The Beach” launch backpacker culture, or instead capture it in words like no other book had before? For better or worse, Alex Garland’s seminal 1996 novel about young travelers finding and losing paradise in Thailand became a touchstone in the backpacker consciousness.

Our very own Rolf Potts along with Kristin van … Read more »

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Experimental travel via Latourex

Latourex, short for Laboratoire de Tourisme Experimental, is a couple of French charmers who developed their experimental travel techniques to make their trips more interesting.  Instead of just doing the same old same old — go to a place, look at its museums, drink coffee at coffeeshops, attempt to blend in while suavely writing in your journal, hit on local members of your preferred gender — they offer numerous travel experiments one can perform, in … Read more »

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