The Future of Vagabonding and Long Term Travel

Endless Road by TheFriendlyFiend, Flickr.comIs the day and age when anyone with the means can set out into the world and explore to their heart’s content coming to end? Perhaps the more better question is: does cheap long term travel have a future?

Wade Shepard, the author of Vagabond Journey, who has been perpetually traveling for over 11 years, recently tackled the world of rising … Read more »

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The Snailr Project

A blogger I read frequently,, brought my attention to a cute little collaborative art/travel sharing idea, the Snailr project.

Like Twitter for the real world, the instigator of Snailr decided that, instead of posting Twitter or Facebook updates, instead of leaving answering machine messages or blog posts about her progress on her trip around the United States, she would instead send snippets of observations about her journey to…well, anyone who wanted … Read more »

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How important is sleep when you travel?

Sometimes we feel like we don’t need as much sleep when we’re traveling, because the excitement and energy we get from our new surroundings and adventures is enough to keep us going. I’ve heard travelers romantically recount exhausting stories about traveling and, due to situation, not sleeping for days at a time. I’ve even told a … Read more »

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Have you quit a RTW trip partway through?

The question of taking mini-breaks at home between legs of a RTW trip came up on the BootsnAll boards (and consequently here on Vagablogging) earlier this year, so when I saw this thread on the boards I thought it was an interesting follow-up.

BootsnAll member K2 is currently in Johannesburg and, he says, feeling a big homesick – as well as physically sick. So it’s probably natural that he’s beginning to wonder if … Read more »

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2010 Geotourism Challenge

Do you know an organization or a project that uses innovative solutions to protect the environment and strengthen the heritage of local residents in coastal, waterway or island destinations? Ashoka’s Changemakers, National Geographic and the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) are looking for them. The 2010 Geotourism Challenge awards $5,000 to the top three entries, and the deadline for the competition is Dec. … Read more »

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When students go global

The rising fortunes of the emerging economies and the lowering of barriers have given students a whole world of educational opportunities. Governments are investing in improving facilities at home. Meanwhile, students impatient to get ahead are already applying to overseas schools in droves, as this TechCrunch article explains: The Global Education Race.

Studying abroad is becoming a realistic option for more and more people. To be fair, there are still hurdles to overcome, such … Read more »

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What happens when you can’t go?

Right now I should be on top of Ryan Mountain in northern Vermont, but I’m home, working. The trip had been planned for a year and fell through 48 hours before departure.

Open-ended work builds both the ability to travel (savings) and barriers to travel (commitments and responsibilities).

When it comes to the lifetime ratio of trips planned to trips taken, we can’t all bat 1,000. I’d rather … Read more »

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