Digital breakdown

Claire Litton wrote earlier this week about traveling low-res as a genuine option to lugging all those i-products around. The timing was right on the heels of my recent digital breakdown.

I probably should have known better than to plan to do a few social media updates and minor editing tasks while I was spending a long weekend in St. Kitts. My cellular carrier assured … Read more »

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A budget travel pioneer speaks out

Nowadays, it’s hard to imagine travel without digital cameras, Facebook, and iPods.  The New York Times was lucky to interview one of the original Frugral Travelers, John Wilcock:

A budget travel pioneer on a time when $5 a day was real (frugal) money

Wilcock has credentials that would make any aspiring writer mad with envy: he wrote some of the first guidebooks for Arthur Frommer, co-founded The Village Voice, and started up Interview magazine … Read more »

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Traveling low-res, or a digital detox

We all have so many little gadgets that travel with us every day.  We have mobile phones, which may or may not have internet enabled on them.  Maybe we also have mp3 players to throw in our bags as well.  Perhaps there’s a personal organizer or diary of somekind too…if you haven’t been able to afford a gadget that has one already embedded (can anyone say “iPhone”?).  Wanna Skype your friends and family?  A webcam … Read more »

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Does travel change your tastes?

Has a place ever changed your tastes, literally? One of the best parts of travel, in my opinion, is the culinary tourism. Before I go somewhere I usually make a list of the most celebrated dishes or drinks for that particular area. In addition to this, I usually tack on those things that appeal specifically to my … Read more »

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Making the career break dream a reality

It’s not often that you run into an industry that encourages sabbaticals. In my past employment with Internet portals, only one company’s HR department considered it, but only after you’d worked there 10 years or more.

Does that mean you’re out of luck if you’re yearning for a travel break from work?

Not according to a recent article by Susan Stellin in The New York … Read more »

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Setting up a mobile office to work from anywhere

The rapid advances in communications technology are enabling people to work from anywhere. This can be a big relief for people who stress over choosing between traveling and their careers. Luckily, now you don’t have to give up either.

Six Revisions, a blog for web designers and developers, wrote a great article on How to set up an effective mobile office. It covers the hardware and web apps you’ll need to … Read more »

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