MetaFilter stops potential human trafficking

One of the most heinous travel-related crimes is the running scam, usually perpetrated upon Russian or Asian young women, of offering them a visa and a waiting job in a tempting country for a small fee (say, $3000 USD in whatever the local currency is)…and then, when they arrive, impressing them into prostitution by holding fear of Immigration authorities over their heads.

Now imagine if you were watching the possibility of this happening, in … Read more »

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Eurolines: Budget travel options in Europe

Recently here in Vagablogging we talked about train travel in Europe, and the pros and cons of certain money saving options. Every year it seems like it gets harder and harder to travel Europe on the cheap. For those travelers looking for a way around those heavy train ticket prices, you might want to check out Eurolines. Booking with this bus service will significantly reduce the price of overland travel throughout … Read more »

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The world is more diverse than electronic media would lead us to believe

“The accepted snobbery is that the world was great until we all started going to have a look at it as traveler, tourists and refugees. Travel writing is also part of the illusion of global familiarity, the constant stream of images from over there that flood through the media combined with air travel, telephones, faxes, the Web and globalization, all giving us the impression that the world has shrunk to a homogenous place, not so … Read more »

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To plan, or land and go with the flow? That is the question.

One of the traditional hallmarks of vagabonding is the idea that you’d arrive in a new destination having done the minimum required when it comes to advance planning. Maybe you’ve got a place to sleep for the first night, maybe you know a few things in that city or country that you definitely want to see or do or eat – but in general, vagabonding has long been about experiencing life as it’s presented to … Read more »

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When travel buddies can pay off

Landing stripTraveling solo has its benefits. Want to change your itinerary? No problem. Want to stay out all night? Go ahead. Want to wander sans clothing through your hotel room? There’s nobody to object. You can do whatever you want within your own budget and not have to worry about convincing your companions to buy in.

But when planning air travel in developing countries, there can … Read more »

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Stereotypical foreigners in Asia

One of the time-honored traditions of expat life in Asia is bashing other foreigners. Familiarity can breed contempt, and it is amazing how you run into the same kinds of people over and over again.

Sarah Grooms playfully took aim at these expat stereotypes in The Faster Times: The 11 foreigners you meet in China.

Anyone who’s lived in another country for over a year will recognize these characters, no matter where they’re living … Read more »

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Searching for the right hostel

Hostels are nothing new to vagabonders. Not only do they tend to be significantly cheaper than hotels, homestays, and guest houses, but by their very nature, they offer a communal experience that can be a blessing when in a strange new place. Who among us hasn’t sat in common rooms with travelers from all over, trading stories and getting the scoop on the best local hole in the wall … Read more »

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From temp to career, but still having time to travel

Just got back from India. For some reason, I thought this homecoming would be like all the rest. What I didn’t expect was to wind up in a stampede of my friends’ forward momentum: A graduation party two hours after arrival, an NYU commencement in Radio City Music Hall, and Facebook pictures aplenty of caps and gowns.

There’s no diploma awarded … Read more »

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Looking for a new island?

In a world where pretty much everywhere lauded by Lonely Plante as being “off the beaten track” is actually full of people with guidebooks, it’s rare to find some islands that nobody’s selling wall-to-wall beach chair space on.

The Cocos (Keeling) Islands, halfway between Perth, Australia and Sri Lanka…well, let’s just say I never mentioned them.

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