Rolf to teach writing classes this summer in Iceland, Paris

icelandrolfAs I announced earlier this year, I will once again be teaching a creative nonfiction workshop at the Paris American Academy during the month of July (this Paris workshop also entails fiction and journal-writing classes, taught by novelists John Biguenet and Lauren Grodstein).

New to my teaching slate in 2010 is an intensive travel-writing workshop in Reykjavik, Iceland from August 1-8. Organized … Read more »

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There’s always room for the offbeat

North Side Skull and Bones GangI can’t count the amount of times I heard, “Oh yuck—too crowded with drunk college kids” when I told people I was going to New Orleans for Mardi Gras. The problem is, the folks who commented had never been there, and their perceptions of the annual event stemmed from TV news footage of just one thing during an entire season of Carnival. … Read more »

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The Trans-Siberian Railway goes online

It’s one of the great train journeys: the Trans-Siberian Railway.  The train makes tracks from Europe on one end to Asia on the other.

If you can’t make it out to Russia anytime soon, you can get a sample of the trip from the comfort of your computer.  Here’s the NY Times article: Trans-Siberian Railway Views, a Click Away.  For more information, check out this website: The Guide to Trans-Siberian Railway.

Have you … Read more »

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Introducing – Vagabonding Case Studies

We’re rolling out some new features here at Vagablogging, and one of the most exciting will be regular Vagabonding Case Studies of past and future travelers, highlighting the reasons behind their trips, how they made them happen, and what wisdom they learned from the experience.

Have you been on a vagabonding journey in the past?  Are you planning one now, or are you currently on such a trip?  Has Vagabonding inspired you to cast … Read more »

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Battling travel hypochondria

Two days ago, I spent all 14 hours of the New York – Delhi nonstop flight worrying that my seatmate was quietly infecting me with something nasty.

He stayed bundled in his ski parka and wool hat the enitre flight. He had a telltale IV drip bandage on the back of his hand, sat eyes closed with a grimace, and didn’t eat a bite (except for the occasional … Read more »

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Tame your travel budget with Budget Your Trip

The most difficult long-term travel question is also perhaps the most common: how much does it cost?

It’s almost impossible to answer that question because it depends where you’re going, when you’re going and how exactly you plan to travel. Tiny variations in how you travel can have a huge impact on your trip costs. Do you plan to eat street food or sit down … Read more »

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Bedouin Books’ new travel writing imprint Nomad

The Portland-based small publisher Bedouin Books define themselves as “publishers of handmade works of literature and poetry, fiction and non-fiction.”  The selective and tiny publishing house began in 2003 and has released a semiannual literary journal (swap/concessions) and several editions of quailty, handbound books, each designed and printed using innovation and artistry.

They have now started a travel imprint, Nomads, featuring new non-fiction work in travel writing, memoir, essays, and philosophy.  Got some great … Read more »

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Catacombs and churches of bones


If you find yourself more intrigued by a place’s cemeteries than by its museums, here are a few ghastly destinations around Europe that you might want to check out:

Paris Catacombs – Deep below the city of Paris visitors can wander the old cramped city quarries lined from floor to ceiling with human bones. The walls … Read more »

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What can an introvert do to meet people on the road?

I recently got an email from a woman who suffers from a diagnosed case of social phobia and is worried that this might compromise her travels.

“I am afraid that my introverted personality is going to effect the way I travel, and I won’t be as opportunistic when it comes to the social aspect of traveling,” the woman wrote. “Do you have any advice? Will solo travel help me better experience my host culture … Read more »

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