Vagablogging welcomes five new writers!

Last month we posted a call for new bloggers here at Vagablogging — and we got quite a response. Now, after a little preliminary screening, we’ve decided to debut five new Vagabloggers.

Jill K. Robinson divides her time between writing about travel, running a kayak business and trying to wring awe-inspiring adventure out of her vacation days. She’s enjoyed tequila tasting in Mexico, hiking Peru’s Amazon jungle and kayaking in the Caribbean.

Ted Beatie has … Read more »

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National novel writing month

Are you a writer at heart but you just can’t do more than morning pages without getting stuck?  Are you looking forward to having a great many hours on public transportation with only your tiny netbook for company?

November is National Novel Writing Month (that’s NaNoWriMo, for those in the know…or the No)!  If you’re looking for a way to entertain yourself, keep up with a great community of other novel … Read more »

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“Adventure travel” is a changing concept

“‘Adventure travel’ is a term I’m not entirely fond of, but I suppose we need it to distinguish modern modes of travel from those that entail some risk and hardship. By that definition, the act of getting from Point A to Point B on land or sea was an adventure for all travelers before the inventions of the steamship, the automobile, and the passenger plane, before there was a multibillion dollar tourist industry to make … Read more »

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Are my dreams of a life of travel realistic?

All long-term travelers have to start somewhere, and dreaming of a life of travel is certainly a reasonable beginning. But what if your dreams don’t match what you’ll find when you actually get out on the road? That’s where experienced travelers come in.

BootsnAll member Kadiri is 18 years old and lives in Australia. He just graduated from high school, but doesn’t fancy going on to college or settling into a career or family … Read more »

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Get an MBA while vagabonding

There are two common dilemmas when it comes to vagabonding:  A) The person who’s traveled for a long time, but worries about becoming unemployable. B) The person who’s worked for a long time in their field, but worries about missing out on travel.

One possible solution is to get an international MBA. You’d improve your career prospects with your education, make invaluable contacts, and get to go overseas. With the way globalization is going, an … Read more »

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Listening as a part of the journey

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Often when thinking about this thing called “travel”, we imagine the look of the land, the taste of the food, and/or the culture of those who call a place home. And this is all good.

But what may sometimes be missed is the extent to which, through travel, we … Read more »

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Contests for “snow virgins”, others

“Sing, dance, beg, plead, whatever. Just make it good,” proclaims the website soliciting entries for the Colorado Snow at First Sight competition. This contest is open to “snow virgins”, people who have “never been in significant snow conditions” who can make time in their schedule for a three-month all-expenses-paid Colorado adventure this winter (starting in January) to sample what winter in Colorado has in offer (and promote it with the tourism board).

To enter … Read more »

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Drinking on the road: do you need alcohol to travel?

Paulaner_by_christian_senger_flickrTraveling often carries with the image of travelers “cutting loose,” doing things they probably wouldn’t do at home. Whether it’s the infamous party towns of coastal Spain, saturated with Brits on holiday, or student travelers taking in the full moon parties during their gap year excursion, for many, traveling and partying seem to go hand in hand.

And of course where there’s partying, there’s generally … Read more »

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Anatomy of a travel scam

Vagabonds tend to be less susceptible to travel scams than other travelers, if for no other reason than most vagabonds are on a tight budget to begin with, so unplanned expenditures are always going to set off alarm bells.

That said, no one is totally immune to being scammed. Somewhere out there is a scam with your name on it. So how can you avoid being scammed?

One way to avoid scams on the road … Read more »

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