Delaying the Real World Scholarship

Delaying the Real World is a charming and thoughtful book written specifically for twenty-somethings urging them to make the most of their lives.  The world is out there, this book reminds us, and this supposed “real world” we’ve all heard about?  Not so fun. Or useful.

The book urges us to follow our dreams, whatever they are, and offers practical ideas for how to do some of that.  It’s geared as a general overview rather … Read more »

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Is a $12K budget enough for a 1-year RTW trip?

One of the most common questions asked by people who are planning a RTW trip is, “Is this budget adequate?” Long-time visitors to RTW forums have no doubt seen this question in various forms countless times – but for the person who’s asking, it’s absolutely critical to their planning process, which is why I’m always so pleased the folks on the BootsnAll message boards continue to be helpful.

The latest question comes from … Read more »

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Bashing other travelers

It’s an ironic practice: criticizing other travelers. We’re all foreigners to the place we’re visiting, but we can’t help but try to differentiate ourselves from the standard tourists.

This article discusses the 5 types of travelers that are killing tourism. As an American, I couldn’t help but feel a bit stung at the “Ugly American” label. Admittedly, there is some truth to it. However, I’ve run into plenty of rude tourists from other countries that … Read more »

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Try your hand at these travel writing opportunities

It’s time for another round-up of travel writing opportunities—from internships to contests to fellowships. Check them out and see if they’d be helpful for your travel, writing, and travel writing dreams.

Sosauce Travel Internship Win: Eight-week marketing internship, followed by a two-week socially conscious travel experience. To apply: Register at Write a journal entry describing a social/environmental issue you would like to explore. Submit a resume and cover letter. Open to college students … Read more »

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A website to make sleeping in airports a little less miserable

Sleeping in an airport is probably not high on any traveler’s list of fun things to do, but the sad thing is, these days, it’s almost inevitable. With the rise of cheap, but somewhat less reliable, budget airlines, and more flight cancellations than ever, it’s no longer uncommon to find yourself stranded in an airport.

Then of … Read more »

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New tiny computers!

The age of the netbook is upon us! What is a netbook? An-even-smaller-than-your-laptop computer that is available as cheap as $300.  They have small keyboards, tiny screens, and are immensely portable.  Why would you want a netbook instead of something else?  Well, they’re cheap, tiny, lightweight, work relatively well, can run both Windows and Mac OS (you can also install and run Linux), and you don’t have to worry about it getting stolen cause it’s … Read more »

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What at first seems strange may become our best experience

“We have no reason to harbor any mistrust against our world, for it is not against us. If it has terrors, they are our terrors; if it has abysses, these abysses belong to us; if there are dangers, we must try to love them. And if only we arrange our life in accordance with the principle which tells us that we must always trust in the difficult, then what now appears to us as the … Read more »

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Commuting in foreign countries

From Active

Getting home can be one of the most fun and stressful parts of living abroad, as this article in the Economist vividly demonstrates.

In it, the correspondent discusses the main modes of transport in four cities: London, Delhi, Tokyo and Homer, Alaska. The writing really captures the feel of those four unique cities. It goes to show that simply getting home can be an adventure, … Read more »

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