Legal justice abroad

Legal justice abroad (or the lack thereof) has been in the headlines in recent weeks. Roxana Saberi, an American journalist, was convicted of spying in Iran and sentenced to eight years in Tehran’s Evin Prison. Her family was initially told that she was arrested for buying a bottle of wine – forbidden in the Islamic nation. However, the charge soon evolved into not having … Read more »

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A different approach: no sightseeing

I give a hearty ‘yes’ to Travellious’ recent post, Breaking the Rules: Don’t Sightsee.

Basically, the post questions how we travel. Don’t just follow the crowd and see something because it’s in the guidebook or because you’re expected to see it. Rather than seeing a place for the sake of ticking it off a list, choose a place where you’ll truly appreciate what it offers. If it helps, keep in mind that you can … Read more »

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When long term travel turns into retirement

Even the most hard core of travelers seldom actually travel for more than a few years at a time. There are notable exceptions, we’ve all met that wizened traveler who’s been on the road for decades, but for most of us even extended trips are what you might call a “mini-retirement.”

But what if you want more than just a long trip? What if you … Read more »

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Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarship Information

I mentioned a little bit about this scholarship in an earlier post I made on this blog, but I felt it warranted a bit more interest all on its own. Rotary International is a community-based service group, whose members are often leaders of industry (read: lawyers, CEOs, bankers, etc, although there are certainly less white-collar … Read more »

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Help Library For Laos raise $5000 in 5 days

Most of us have seen things in our travels that make us want to help the people and places we visit. Whether it be extreme poverty, oppressive governments or even slavery, the world is not always a pretty place.

Traveler Allen Burt went a step further than most of us and set up a small nonprofit to address different social causes while he was traveling … Read more »

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Some big-picture advice on living a travel-based lifestyle

An 18-year-old reader named Brennan recently wrote me with a question about the traveling life. “When I recently told my friends that I wanted to be a vagabond,” he wrote, “they thought it was the same thing as being poor. What can I do to prepare myself financially to spend my life traveling? I enjoy writing and considered a career in journalism, but would that be financially sufficient to travel the entire world?”

This is … Read more »

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Coffee around the world

How far are you willing to go for a good cup of coffee?  While seeing spectacular sights is great, some of my best times overseas has been sitting with a cup of coffee and watching the world go by.

Terry Ward has an article at World Hum about the Best Cities to Drink Coffee.  The writer does a good of job of sprinkling a little history and local language throughout the piece.  You can … Read more »

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How to travel Europe on a budget

The words “budget” and “Europe” often feel like an oxymoron when they’re too close together. After all, how can a place where an espresso often sets you back 5€ really be budget friendly?

The answer is to broaden your conception of Europe. Europe isn’t just western Europe, there are plenty of gems to be found farther east, … Read more »

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