Living like a local abroad

I love those little moments of living abroad where you feel like you’ve gotten deeper into the local scene: finding that bus that goes directly to your favorite restaurant, discovering a street stall with great food, visiting a local friend’s home to meet their family. Those are the moments I treasure the most.

Matador Abroad has a fun article titled Escaping the Expat Trap: How to Live Like a Local When You’re Abroad.

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Can low budget travel turn into exploitation?

In a recent article in Brave New Traveler entitled “When Does Budget Travel Become Exploitation?”, writer Ernesto Machado raises some interesting points about what happens when the “budget” mindset goes too far. In an example he gave, a foreign couple argued with the owner of a hostel, since they wanted to pay $10 less than the total.

The travelers lost the argument and almost missed their bus out of town. They left cursing at … Read more »

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Spotted by Locals offers an insiders guide to top travel spots

Lonely Planet is currently polling readers about their favorite travel blogs and websites. The nominations closed out last week and voting has already started — there are a variety of categories and anyone can vote.

Curiously, most of the nominees are not sites that I had heard of before. If you’ve been living under a rock like me, there a quite a few … Read more »

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Help Twitchhiker tweet his way around the world

What a great way to put social media to the test.

In just a few days, Paul Smith will travel the world with little more than a computer, a Twitter account, and the goodwill of 5,000 people. All he knows is that he’ll leave his home in Newcastle upon Tyne (UK) on March 1st, find out who has offered him travel and accommodation, and see where that takes him over the next 30 … Read more »

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The end of being alone: how will travel change in an interconnected world?

Travel affords us a chance to see things many will only encounter in books, a chance to learn about ourselves and the world around us, but there’s another thing I’ve started to think is equally important — travel gives us a chance to be alone.

Not only are we yanked out of our familiar culture and thrust … Read more »

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Your guide to finding web radio on the road

I don’t know about you, but I always find the most irritating thing is finding some good radio stations to listen to when I’m traveling.  If you’re in a place with a good wireless connection and you have a laptop, you can hook in to one of the numerous radio stations that offer web-listening.

My absolute, hands-down favorite is CBC Radio 3, the Canadian web-and-Sirius-satellite-radio-only station that offers indy rock to the world.  They … Read more »

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Where should a first-time vagabonder start?

A Chicago-based reader named Ron recently emailed me with a question about a first-time journey. “I am at the beginning stages of planning my long-term travel,” he wrote. “It’s very exciting. The only problem is, there are just to many places to choose from. Can you recommend a list of places to travel for first-time vagabonders?

This is what I told him:

Congratulations on your upcoming travels! No doubt this is an exciting time, as … Read more »

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When is travel research too much of a good thing?

For some people, the research they do before a trip is part of the fun of travel. Poring over piles of guidebooks, asking question after question on message boards, whiling away the hours reading travel blogs… There’s no end to the places where you can find information, and no end to the time you can spend researching your trip.

But is there such a thing as too much travel research?

BootsnAll member Angelinneveah recently … Read more »

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Finding a job in Asia

The sad thing about job hunting abroad is that there’s no one website where you can find jobs for anywhere in the world. Usually, you have to go to local websites run by expats to get more up-to-date job listings.  Before, you had to be in-country to hear about these websites from fellow travelers.

The Traveler’s Notebook had an article about the Top 10 Online Resources for … Read more »

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