In defense of scooters

Last week I sang the praises of the bicycle, calling it a part of the solution to all sorts of energy, environmental, and health problems. This week I’ll speak up in defense of the bicycle’s hard-livin’, lady-killin’ cousin, the scooter.

When Korean traveler Wan Lee visited me in Missouri during his scooter trip around the US, he graciously allowed me to ride his scooter around the block. Since that time, I’ve fallen in … Read more »

Posted by | Comments (6)  | July 25, 2008
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Do you look for fellow countrymen when you travel?

One of the best parts of traveling to unknown lands is meeting people from a culture that is not your own. However, it is inevitable that I look out for people from my country, whether I want to hang out with them or not, I will always (if even on a subsconcious level) look out for them.

I do this especially in countries where I don’t expect to see Indians easily; for e.g. Cuba, Jamaica, … Read more »

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