Using creative “lead-time” logic to sell articles to travel magazines

Not long ago, a fellow travel blogger emailed me with the following query about pitching story ideas to travel magazines:

There are several travel magazines that I’m interested in sending a query to, but I’m having a hard time translating what I know into something that’s “pitchable.” I feel like I’m usually on the cutting-edge as far as travel news, gadgets, tools, and websites go, but I’m not quite sure the best way to use … Read more »

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Camping as an alternative to hostels

Before you give up on European travel because of the weak dollar, consider camping. Arthur Frommer’s recent blog reminds us about the cheaper—and oft overlooked—cousin to hotels and hostels.

Some of the perks:

* It’s inexpensive: prices range from about $17-40 per couple. * You have two options for bunking: tent-wise, you can bring your own or often rent one there. Or else, many Euro campgrounds have bungalows for rent. * You’re not … Read more »

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