Should you get travel insurance? If so, when?

The eternal question that always comes to mind whilst making your payment for that trip. If you are traveling on budget airlines, sometimes the price of the insurance is close to the price you paid to fly. That’s when I always think: “Nah! nothing is going to happen to me, I’m not going to bother with travel-insurance.”

I think I have only ever bought travel insurance once in my life, years ago, that too because … Read more »

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Our obsession with air travel

A few weeks ago, the IgoUgo travel blog came out with its Top 10 Big Media Travel Blogs. One thing that almost all of these so-called “Big Media” blogs have in common is their obsession with writing about air travel– as if the airplanes themselves are destinations rather than means of transportation. Over at the Budget Travel blog, every two or three posts is about air travel, and check out their recommendations of … Read more »

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