Singapore to recruit foreign travelers to work

The government of Singapore is an ambitious one, hoping to increase the population to 6.5 million, up from the current 4.5 million. They welcome immigrants, especially professional educated individuals, as well as encouraging the nation’s citizenry to breed, baby, breed. They’ve also just revealed a forward-thinking option to encourage visiting foreigners to get jobs and stay in the country for six months.

From “Work-on-holiday plan to draw foreign talent” by Li Xueying in the 19 … Read more »

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Win a trip to Paris from Moleskine

Last week, I blogged about Moleskine’s new City Notebooks, and took a look at the Prague notebook. Moleskine has also announced a Travel Journal Contest to celebrate the release of the City Notebooks in Asia:

Moleskine is thrilled to announce its first collaboration with Air France to mobilize the creative input of the travellers’ community.

You love traveling? You always keep a Moleskine in your pocket? Come and join this … Read more »

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