makes booking cheap flights in Europe easy

Matt Gross’s travel column for the New York Times, The Frugal Traveler, is usually good for a travel tip or two. But for folks headed for Europe this summer, Gross’s latest column — on the variety of low-cost European airlines — is a must-read.

If you’ve traveled in Europe in the past decade or so, you’ve probably at least heard of RyanAir, the low-cost Irish airline famous for fares as low as € … Read more »

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How I got my travel writing career started

For the past seven years, I’ve been asking my various travel writer interview subjects how they got started writing. Frank Bures recently asked me that same question for a travel-writing class he’s teaching, and this is what I told him:

My writing aspirations can be traced back to about age 13, when I started writing horror stories in the style of Stephen King. This horror-writing phase didn’t last long, but it helped winnow … Read more »

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