Book review: Lois on the Loose


Lois on the Loose, by Lois Pryce

Reviewed by Diana Moxon

Lois Pryce’s debut travelogue, Lois on the Loose, details her solo motorcycle journey from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego’s town of Ushuaia. Bored to distraction by office life in London, Lois decides she needs to find adventure before she is consumed by the banality of memos, polystyrene cups, and regimented plastic ferns — before she becomes the … Read more »

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Scotty and Fiddy Hitch 50

Soon after Scotty and Fiddy graduated from college, they decided to hitchhike across the country, visiting all 50 state capitals in 50 days. Yes, 50, that includes Alaska and Hawaii. The intrepid duo formed Hitch 50

Their definition of hitchhiking includes any transportation that benevolent strangers donated, so it is not limited to flagging down cars on the road- getting a free plane ride to Hawaii was still fair game. That’s just … Read more »

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Book review: Brother One Cell


Brother One Cell, by Cullen Thomas

Reviewed by Brian Hartenstein

In the early 1990’s, Cullen Thomas was a middle-class American 23 year-old living the post-collegiate dream of international travel: pick-up basketball games inside Beijing’s Forbidden City; fever-stricken hikes up the Rif Mountains in Morocco; riding the rails across Russia on the Trans-Siberian Express; teaching English in the booming economy of South Korea.

What set these adventures apart was one … Read more »

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