Reactivating Forgotten Languages: How to Catch Up


By Tim Ferriss

How can you possibly maintain fluency in two foreign languages — let alone five or six — if the opportunities to use them are months or years apart?

Few topics provoke more anxiety and depression in independent language learners than the prospect of irretrievably losing a hard-learned new language. After you return to your English-dominated homeland, how do you maintain your new-found skills, which might seem to have an expiration date? … Read more »

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Reviewing Twain and Troost at World Hum


My sister, Kristin Van Tassel, has reviewed some new travel books for World Hum in recent weeks, including Mark Twain: On Travel, edited by Terry Mort; Mark Twain’s Helpful Hints for Good Living: A Handbook for the Damned Human Race, from the University of California Press; and J. Maarten Troost’s Getting Stoned With Savages.

Kristin shares a similar opinion to mine regarding … Read more »

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