Talking freighter travel at Yahoo! News

This week, my “Traveling Light” column at Yahoo! News covers a familiar (and surprisingly common) question about “catching rides” on frieghter ships. Specifically, Suzanne from Colorado asks:

I recently read that it’s possible to travel from country to country as a passenger on cargo ships. Do you have any kind of advice for catching a freighter, or is it only for crazy adventure-type people?

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The art of wrapping your mouth — literally — around a new language

Note: Today I’m debuting a new feature here at Vagablogging — “Learning Languages, with Tim Ferriss.” Tim Ferriss is fluent in five languages, has studied more than 15, and has spent the last 12 years analyzing the world’s best language learners. He has lived in more than 25 countries, designed curricula worldwide for BerlitzĀ®, and studied East Asian Studies and Neuroscience at Princeton University.

Learning Tones, and Other Growing Pains

By Tim Ferriss

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